Transparent polyurea wood coating

Product DetailColorwhite, blace, red, blue, yellow , gray, pearl, silver,ectCertificateISO9001:2008,JSO14001, MSDS,TDS, 3C ectOEMAccepetableFeaturesGood Covering Power, High Solid, GolssyDry Time15min, 20ºCShelf Life2 YearsSpray Coats2-3 CoatsFlash Off Time3-5 min between coats, 20ºCMixing Ratio1:1SampleFreeProduct Key

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Polyurea Transparent Wood Protective Coating

Product Detail

Colorwhite, blace, red, blue, yellow , gray, pearl, silver,ect
CertificateISO9001:2008,JSO14001, MSDS,TDS, 3C ect
FeaturesGood Covering Power, High Solid, Golssy
Dry Time15min, 20ºC
Shelf Life2 Years
Spray Coats2-3 Coats
Flash Off Time3-5 min between coats, 20ºC
Mixing Ratio1:1
Product Keywordsacrylic black car paint 2k base coat


Features: It is bi-component car refinish paint series, high quality single coat system. It can be cured under room temperature or through low-temperature baking.With the following advantages:fast drying,high hardness,high gloss,bright color, excellent covering power,easy spraying,etc.


Features: It is high quality base coat series.two coats and three coats system. Silver, pearl or solid color tinters are included. Excellent covering power,metallic effect,easy spraying.

Extra fast drying and high quality finish. Good covering power and leveling. Complete color coverage range with outstanding color accuracy.

For metallic colors, it is high solid and high coverage. Varied color cover full range with high color saturation.



Features: one component, fast dry,easy sanding,excellent filling power,and good adhesion to the top coat. 


Features: It is standard clear coat with medium solid especially formulated for spraying over 1K base coat to give it glossy and excellent appearance. Good thick film and excellent leveling 



1.A series of high concentration,yellow resistant hardener.

2.Specially designed for 2K Top Coat, 2K clear coats and 2K primer.

3.Each hardener include three types of versions (Standard Hardener,Fast Hardener,Slow Hardener) for different products and application requirement.



The thinner is divided into fast dry, standard dry and slow dry types. It is used in the 2K top coat, 1K base coat ,clear coat, 2K primer, etc. It has good dissolution and promote bonding effect.

BPO Polyester Putty(BODY FILLER)


Mainly fill and repair on the substrate such as dents, door dings, crack, needle shrinkage and weld to meet flat and smooth before spray finishing coat. Widely used in automotive repair, train manufacturing, boat building, car manufacturing, engineering machinery, machine tools and equipment manufacturing, furniture, mold, concrete building and many other repair fields.


Polyurea Transparent Wood Protective Coating


Polyurea Transparent Wood Protective Coating
Polyurea Transparent Wood Protective Coating
Polyurea Transparent Wood Protective Coating
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