A new 33m track bolt replacement part number 198-32-4133

1: Product Description Part No.:198-32-41330Description:Hex BoltLogo:BENEPARTSColor:Yellow or othersWeight:1.3KgMeasurement:M33X2.0X114Production Method:CastingMaterial:40CrChemical Component:Please contact with our sales to know details.Hardness:HRC 32-42Impact:≥15J (25ºC)Tensile Strength:≥1450Rm-N/mm²Yield

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1: Product Description
 Part No.:198-32-41330
Description:Hex Bolt
Color:Yellow or others
Production Method:Casting
Chemical Component:Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness:HRC 32-42
Impact:≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength:≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength:≥1100Re-N/mm²

2: Products Range
One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-4133One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-41333: Popular items blow for reference:
Part numberMeasurementDescription
4F36461/2"UNC-13X1-1/2"Plow bolt
4F36481/2"UNC-13X1-3/4"Plow bolt
4F36491/2"UNC-13X2"Plow bolt
4F36501/2"UNC-13X2-1/4"Plow bolt
4F36511/2"UNC-13X2-1/2"Plow bolt
4F36521/2"UNC-13X2-3/4"Plow bolt
1F7958nut 1/2"UNC-13nut
5P8245  1/2" washer
4F36645/8"UNC-11X1-1/2"Plow bolt
4F36535/8"UNC-11X1-3/4"Plow bolt
4F36545/8"UNC-11X2"Plow bolt
3F51085/8"UNC-11X2-1/4"Plow bolt
4F36565/8"UNC-11X2-1/2"Plow bolt
4F36575/8"UNC-11X2-3/4"Plow bolt
4F36585/8"UNC-11X3"Plow bolt
4F36655/8"UNC-11X3-1/2"Plow bolt
4F03915/8'UNC-11X3-3/4"Plow bolt
4F36715/8"UNC-11X4"Plow bolt
5P8247 flat washer 5/8"washer
4F36723/4"UNC-10X2"Plow bolt
4F78273/4"UNC-10X2-1/4"Plow bolt
5J47733/4"UNC-10X2-1/2"Plow bolt
5J47713/4"UNC-10X2-3/4"Plow bolt
4F01383/4"UNC-10X3"Plow bolt
1J67623/4"UNC-10X3-1/4"Plow bolt
02090-11293/4"UNC-10X3-1/2Plow bolt
5F89333/4"UNC-10X3-3/4"Plow bolt
1J09623/4'UNC-10X4"Plow bolt
4F02533/4"UNC-10X4-1/2"Plow bolt
02091-112203/4"UNC-10X5"Plow bolt
5P8248 3/4" washer
5J47727/8"UNC-9X2-1/2Plow bolt
6F01967/8"UNC-9X2-3/4Plow bolt
5J24097/8"UNC-9X3"Plow bolt
8J29357/8"UNC-9X3-1/4"Plow bolt
2J25487/8"UNC-9X3-1/2Plow bolt
02090-114837/8"UNC-9X3-3/4"Plow bolt
02090-114957/8"UNC-9X4"Plow bolt
2J54587/8"UNC-9X4-1/4"Plow bolt
1J08497/8"UNC-9X4-1/4"Plow bolt
175-71-114717/8"UNC-9X5"Plow bolt
5P8249 7/8" washer
1J56071"UNC-8X2-3/4"Plow bolt
4F40421"UNC-8X3"Plow bolt
4J90581"UNC-8X3-1/4"Plow bolt
4J92081"UNC-8X3-1/2"Plow bolt
1J49481"UNC-8X3-3/4"Plow bolt
8J2928 / 5P81361"UNC-8X4"Plow bolt
1J35271"UNC-8X4-1/2"Plow bolt
1J20341"UNC-8X5"Plow bolt
195-71-114731"UNC-8X6-1/2"Plow bolt
5p8250 1" washer
195-71-523201-1/8"UNC-7X3-3/4"Plow bolt
195-71-523301-1/8"UNC7X4-1/8"Plow bolt
3S1349 1-1/8" washer
8T90791-1/4"UNC-7X3-1/4"Plow bolt
6V65351-1/4""UNC-7X3-3/4"Plow bolt
5P88231-1/4"UNC-7X4"Plow bolt
5P88231-1/4"UNC-7X4-1/8"Plow bolt
6V83601-1/4"UNC-7X4-1/2"Plow bolt
5P83611-1/4"UNC-7X5"Plow bolt
4K0684      1-1/4" washer
198-71-218501-3/8"UNC-6X4-9/16"Plow bolt
198-71-218601-3/8"UNC-6X5-1/2"Plow bolt
198-71-218701-3/8"UNC-6X6-1/4"Plow bolt
198-71-219101-3/8"UNC-6hex nut
 198-71-21890 1-3/8" washer
Part numberMeasurementDescription
8H75041/2"UNF-20X38Track bolt
R246881/2"UNF-20X40 WTrack bolt
2A32231/2"UNF-20X47Track bolt
4K70389/16"UNF-18X42Track bolt
7H3596  CR4299/16"UNF-18X51Track bolt
5P4684  CR36239/16"UNF-18x73Track bolt
5A31879/16"unf-18x76Track bolt
CR3707  8U27035/8"UNF-18x46Track bolt
7H35975/8"unf-18x51Track bolt
CR12515/8"unf-18x54Track bolt
9G3110  AC2265/8"unfx57BTrack bolt
3T8601  CR43575/8"UNF-18x67 BTrack bolt
9G8592  CR55735/8"unf-18x83 BTrack bolt
5A4104  3P22745/8"unf-18x89Track bolt
3T85805/8"unf-18x91 BTrack bolt
3/4"UNF-16X61Track bolt
6V1792  CR44413/4"UNF-16X61  BTrack bolt
1S88043/4"UNF-16x63Track bolt
7F8619  CR3313/4"UNF-16X70Track bolt
10616423/4"UNF-16X75  BTrack bolt
6V1793  CR44403/4"UNF-16X81  BTrack bolt
CR5444  10707193/4"UNF-16X99  BTrack bolt
5A7524  1D12953/4"UNF-16X102Track bolt
9S1838  CR33263/4"UNF-16X105  BTrack bolt
2P9670  CR31193/4"UNF-16X112Track bolt
6T1441  CR46993/4"UNF-16X124.5  BTrack bolt
7H3599  9M74447/8"UNF-14x67 BTrack bolt
316910R17/8"UNF-14x76Track bolt
7T27487/8"unf-14x85 BTrack bolt
6V1723  CR41357/8"UNF-14x89 BTrack bolt
6V1724  CR41327/8"UNF-14x95 BTrack bolt
9W9058  CR47897/8"UNF-14x115 BTrack bolt
8S0395  CR27097/8:UNF-14x121 BTrack bolt
6V1725  CR41337/8"UNF-14x127 BTrack bolt
2M5657  9M74451"UNF-14X75  BTrack bolt
3T6308  CR40291"UNF-14X84  BTrack bolt
6T2638  CR46701"UNF-14X90  BTrack bolt
6V1726  CR40361"UNF-14X101 BTrack bolt
6V1727  CR38581"UNF-14x110 BTrack bolt
7T2283  CR46691"UNF-14x123 BTrack bolt
8S1723  CR26691"UNF-14x141 BTrack bolt
6V1728  CR38591"UNF-14x148 BTrack bolt
7T10001-1/8"UNF-12X96  BTrack bolt
5P39681 1/8"unf-12X107 BTrack bolt
7T09991-1/8"UNF-12x134 BTrack bolt
7T09981-1/8"UNF-12x164 BTrack bolt
6T88531 3/8"UNF-12x110Track bolt
6I86481-3/8"unf-12x121Track bolt
6T8521  CR56401-3/8"unf-12x153Track bolt
6T8520  CR56391-3/8"unf-12x184Track bolt
101-32-11210M12X1.5X40Track bolt
205-32-21210M14X1.5X45Track bolt
203-32-21220M14X1.5X56Track bolt
205-32-51120M16X1.5X50Track bolt
79039443M18X1.5X55FTrack bolt
79004259M18X1.5X60Track bolt
9W3619M20X1.5X55DTrack bolt
79035814M20X1.5X62FTrack bolt
6Y0846M20X1.5X63Track bolt
71401192M20X1.5X65FTrack bolt
207-32-51210M22X1.5X56FTrack bolt
71428357M22X1.5X62FTrack bolt
6Y9024M22X1.5X67DTrack bolt
76007851M22X1.5X70FTrack bolt
208-32-51210M24X1.5X65FTrack bolt
21M-32-11260M24X1.5X72Track bolt
175-35-11210M24X1.5X78Track bolt
195-32-11210M27X1.5X82Track bolt
6Y7432M27X1.5X90Track bolt
195-32-41210M27x2.0x93Track bolt

4: Beneparts Production Line
One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-41335: Beneparts Warehouse
One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-4133One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-41336: Who is Beneparts?
Ningbo Beneparts Machinery co., Ltd as your reliable G.E.T parts partner, offers full range of spare parts for all kinds of earthmoving machines which apply to mining, construction, agriculture etc. Like Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader, Backhoe, Scraper, Crusher and so on.

The spare parts we supply including casting parts like bucket teeth, adapter, lip shroud, protector, ripper shank etc. and forged parts like forged bucket teeth, cutting edge, grader blades, segment, end bit etc. and also wear-resistant parts like chocky bars, wear buttons, chromium combined wear plate etc. and matched parts like pin, washer, bolts and nuts etc.. 

7: Why choose Beneparts?
1. strong technical team over 20years, and we have the ability to formulate materials to meet the specific needs of our customer's projects.
2.Perfect quality monitoring system, and full range of advanced facilities, like Component analysis machine, Impact Machine, Tensile Strength machine etc.
3. Rich experience to do OEM/ODM business, we can develop items as per drawings and samples if you have specific requirement.
4. Efficient management, short delivery time and mature after-sale service.

Your realiable wear parts partner in China. Look forward to meeting you! 
8: Beneparts Team
One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-4133One New Track Bolt 33m Replaces Part Number 198-32-41339: FAQ
Q1. What kind of products do you provide?
We are expert in designing and making ground engaging tools, such as bucket tooth, adapter, cutting edge, grader blade, wear bar, chocky bar, bolt, nut and pin, we have more than 5000 items in our stock. 

Q2. How about the lead time?
For stock , we need around 7days then delivery after inspection.
For normal G.E.T parts, we need 15-45days to produce according to current production schedule ,quantity and products type.
For customerized products, we need to 15days to open mold, 7days for sample test then arrange production. 45-60days in total.

Q3. How long should we take for a quotation?
After receiving detailed information, we will quote you within 24 hours.

Q4. How about the quality?
We can produce according to customers' requirement,such as chemical composition then offer test report for approval .
Our main market is Australia , Europe and America . Beneparts quality is on the level of mid-to-high end.

Q5. How about the warranty?
Beneparts guarantees all our spare parts against breakage.
If any of these parts break under normal working conditions we still provide a new part free of charge.

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