Citadel Floor Finishing Systems Releases Polyurea 350 Garage Floor Coating System, Increases Productivity and Profits

2022-11-10 14:32:52 By : Ms. Rachel Zheng

Citadel Floor Finishing Systems has expanded its floor coatings family with the launch of Polyurea 350, a new floor coating system designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. Polyurea 350's unique composition lets contractors enjoy lower material costs and faster installation times, as well as the ability to offer customers year-round installations. The extended pot life, compared to traditional polyurea systems, and their patent-pending adjustable cure rate technology ensure greater consistency and fewer flaws with each application.

"Polyurea floor coatings already offer many benefits over epoxy floor paints," says Patrick Ilfrey, president of Citadel Floor Finishing Systems. "But Polyurea 350 improves on them even more. One of the biggest differences is the fact that installers must wait 20 minutes before broadcasting aggregate into the material. Other systems require it be done immediately, which can lead to inconsistencies because product can only be applied in smaller areas at a time. This system lets the material pre-cure for increased stability, and allows the installer to wet-out large surface areas before broadcasting."

Polyurea 350 offers several benefits, both to contractors and their customers, over epoxy floor paints and traditional polyurea floor coatings. Some of its more notable benefits include:

Polyurea 350 can be used as more than a garage floor coating. The product can also be applied as a primer coat for application on other concrete surfaces, steel, wood, fiberglass, and more. It can be used on floors anywhere from a home basement to an aircraft hanger or industrial shop floor.

In addition to its direct product benefits and diverse usage potential, Citadel also offers an industry-leading guarantee policy on Polyurea 350--up to a 20-year warranty against delamination, cracking and peeling when the system is installed by a Citadel Certified Installer, giving both contractors and customers greater peace of mind.

About Citadel Floor Finishing Systems

Citadel Floor Finishing Systems is headquartered in Blaine, MN and is an industry leader in residential, commercial, and industrial floor coating solutions. Citadel's team has over 38 years of experience in the waterproofing and concrete restoration industry, including 25 years of experience manufacturing polyurea coatings. The company offers professional on-site training and certification to independent contractors.

For more information about Citadel Floor Finishing Systems or their new Polyurea 350 system, please visit or contact Patrick Ilfrey at 1-866-765-4310.

Contact: Patrick Ilfrey, President Citadel Floor Finishing Systems 3001 103rd Lane NE Blaine, MN 55449 Phone: 1-866-765-4310 Web:

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